Nightly Homework
Sept 17


6 KD science- Finish you note cards for lesson 3-1
                  -Quiz tomorrow on all of lesson 3-1

6C Science- Finish study guides for tomorrow
              - Quiz on 3-1 Monday

Am Math- do wkb page 10

PM Math- finish page 25 & 26
           -  If you did not finish your homework from last night finish it tonight page 22.

Other- Pictures are on Tuesday


AM Math- wkb page 9

  • Quiz Tuesday on Mod 2
  • Get quiz signed and correct it on your yellow scrap paper


PM Math – Quiz on Tuesday it will be on 1-1  

                     through 1-5

                 - Finish pages 27 & 28 SHOW ALL                                 YOUR WORK.

6C Science-Quiz Monday on Lesson 3-1

                  -finish note cards for vocabulary words

Other- Pictures are on Tuesday